"After joining The School of Killer Impressions I felt direction like never beforeMy business is more directed, more confident and more clear on how to make decisions. Plus, I have a new respect and understanding for what running this business involves.  I feel like there's no sleaze needed anymore. I can easily see that now."

- Nina Medard from Massachusetts, USA

When you enroll, your payment is final, 100% non-transferable and gives you access to The School of
Killer Impressions 2019, as described above, starting on Monday February 4th, 2019.

"The School of Killer Impressions has opened my eyes to the fact that I don't have to make my marketing fit any certain formula, I have the power to use my creativity in all I do."

- Chelsy Weisz of North Dakota, USA

  • Connect with your deeper WHY
  • Discover a newfound passion for your business that sparks momentum
  • Learn how to boost your business by niching down
  • Learn how to strategically identify and find your ideal client
  • Learn how to connect with your ideal client in a way that makes selling WAY easier
  • Feel clear & confident about your brand and how to present yourself online
  • Learn how to build a valuable reputation of trust and authority on your topic
  • Deep dive into the 8 cornerstones of building an unforgettable brand
  • How to use the 6 phases of the Customer Life-Cycle to create meaningful layers to your brand
  • How to craft an exceptional brand using TSOKI’s “X-Factor Formula”
  • How to convert sales with confidence
  • How to communicate your worth + value
  • How to package your offerings strategically to create more profitability
  • Deep dive into my Sales Strategies
  • What to do when sales are low
  • Sales Call Outline Template
  • Sales Page Outline Template
  • Learn how to create marketing funnels online that do the hard work for you
  • My 'secret weapon' when it comes to creating marketing funnels
  • How to optimize your marketing funnels for success
  • Everything you need to know about Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing & why it matters
  • What topics you should cover
  • How frequently you should post
  • How to use social media to create a community
  • 7 Pillars to winning in social media
  • Fall in love with creating content for your community
  • How to create a highly addictive email newsletter
  • Copywriting & what you need to know

"My hesitation was the price because, as someone who is just starting a business, it can get hard with all the other expenses we have. But since joining The School of Killer Impressions I have been able to get much more clarification, and I've noticed an increase in revenue because I got more bookings after The School of Killer Impressions."

- Alessandra M. Divell of Atlanta, GA, USA

"After The School of Killer Impressions I am now truly looking at my business as a business and I know exactly how to market myself to make this my full time job. Last month I made more money in my Health Coaching business than I ever have since I started back in August of 2013. I am now also close to 4,000 youtube subscribers. I noticed more people started subscribing when I really started putting up content that I knew my target market would be interested in. That would not have been possible with out The School of Killer Impressions."

- Clarissa Rodriguez of Rhode Island, USA 

"My first month after finishing module 3 my business brought in $10,000+. And has steadily increased! It has now been 3 months since I started TSOKI, this month my business brought in TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND dollars!!!! So from the day I started TSOKI until now my business has brought in $50,000+ in 3 months. I could cry, wait... I have cried. I feel SO blessed, this has been absolutely life changing for me Alex. There aren't words to describe how thankful I am for you and sharing the priceless knowledge you have given me."

- Ashley Miles from Oregon USA 

The School of Killer Impressions was created to give people the strategies they need in order to do what they love full-time and make a difference in the world while they’re at it. It does this by educating and inspiring entrepreneurs to learn how to effectively market their business online in ways that strongly attract customers and clients. 

I believe in the power of The School of Killer Impressions to change lives so much that I’m allowing everyone the opportunity to test-drive The School of Killer Impressions for 30 Days - 100% risk free!

I want to be very clear on the terms, though, so listen up:

The School of Killer Impressions was created for dedicated people who are committed to putting in the hard work to make their business a profitable success. Because of that, my money-back-guarantee is only going to be available to those who complete 100% of the course and it's exercises. This ensures that you have actually done the work, and that you're not just chickening out. If you finish 100% of each module’s “Ready-To-Go Worksheets", and still feel the course isn't for you, I’ll happily give you a 100% refund.

As the creator of The School of Killer Impressions, I have to tell you that I'm 100% dedicated to enrolling students who are the right fit. I want to create a community with the right kinds of people who are committed to their success and to the success of others. If this sounds like you, and you're ready to go full time with your business, I firmly believe that The School of Killer Impressions is for you!

When you enroll, your payment is final, 100% non-transferable and gives you access to The School of
Killer Impressions 2019, as described above, starting on Monday February 4th, 2019.